• Your website or app makes money from Stripe, AdSense, or the App Store.
  • You use a cloud provider such as AWS or Heroku.
  • Your company makes less than $250,000 per year.

If this sounds like your company, NanoBooks can automate your accounting.


NanoBooks integrates directly with Stripe, PayPal, AWS, Heroku, AdSense, AdWords, and many other services.
We don't just automate your bookkeeping. NanoBooks provides detailed insights about your company's growth and runway.

Your Company Dashboard

Track individual Stripe payments, including customer information. See all the clicks you pay for on AdWords, including customer conversions.

Track Your MRR & Runway

Monitor your current AWS usage to estimate monthly expenses. We adjust your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) whenever a Stripe subscription changes.

Automatically File Taxes

When you're a small startup, it shouldn't cost thousands of dollars to prepare your taxes. We automatically generate and
e-file Form 1120 *.

* NanoBooks will only generate and file your tax returns when we are 100% confident that we can accurately prepare your taxes.
  If your company makes over $250,000 per year, or you have a complex tax situation, then you must hire a professional accountant.

We're still working on NanoBooks

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